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Are you ready for a lighter life?

Come join me on The Bright Side!

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Hi! I'm Meghan.

Certified Yoga, Movement & Meditation Teacher.

I am also a wife, daughter, sister; mom to four delightful fur-kids, and proud auntie to a gaggle of sweet littles: currently living on the wild & wondrous island of Newfoundland, Canada, where I was born and raised. 

I have been practicing yoga as a student for over a decade and as a teacher since 2016, so I do speak from experience when I say: Yoga Helps. Whether your struggles are physical, mental, emotional or a little "all of the above": this practice has seen me through some dark days and I share it in hopes that I may help YOU find a little light, too.


My teaching style is powerful, playful and compassionate: with the intention to help you build strength & resilience in your body, mind, and heart.

No matter your age, size, flexibility, or current fitness level- there is a style of yoga to serve you and your individual needs.

Got a body? ...Wahoo! It's a yoga body!

Let me help you get to know it (and love it) a little better.

About me

Work with me!

Lesson #1: Yoga is not a SKILL you have as much as it is a TOOL you use:

to feel stronger, more clear, more grounded, more open, and more connected to yourSELF!

The Bright Side!

The online membership that is bringing the light back into your life through yoga, meditation and self-acceptance. 

  • 3 live (or recorded) virtual classes weekly

  • access to my library of video on demand

  • access to ME! I'm here to help along the way with any questions.


Private Sessions (1-1 or Small Group)

If you're looking to really dive in deep to your personal practice, or think you would most benefit from individualized sessions, I would love to create classes just for YOU!

We will work together to determine what your goals are, and make a plan to help you get there. 

Work With Me

Client Love

Hear what others have to say about practicing with me!

I love everything about yoga, it keeps me strong in my body and mind. I’ve been practicing it for close to 20 years although I wish I had found it earlier in my life, but it’s never too late for anyone to start. I have had quite a few teachers along my journey and about 5 years ago my path led me to Meghan. 

I used to take yoga very seriously and strived to make each pose perfect, Meghan has shown me a more light hearted approach to my practice, that it’s not about how I look in the pose but how I feel in it, she’s taught me to bend so I don’t break and I’ve learned to relax and enjoy my time on the mat more, that it’s ok to laugh. To me her classes are not just a physical experience but spiritual one as well, she brings to the mat the perfect balance of strength, flow, breath awareness and relaxation. 

Meghan is inspirational and has a true passion for teaching yoga.

Valerie White

I have been practicing yoga with Meghan on and off since 2017. I had sporadically attended other classes in the years prior which were more basic/beginner. The first of Meghan's classes I attended were also geared toward beginners but she offered little challenges throughout the class for anyone who wanted to try them. She eventually built us up to crow pose and would offer it at any time we found ourselves in a Yogi squat (which was also a challenge to learn in the beginning). Learning crow pose has been one of my biggest "fitness"/"wellness" accomplishments. It feels very liberating and I thank Meghan for guiding me there! 


When we first went into lockdown at the beginning of Covid, I started to do a daily yoga practice. Days became weeks, weeks became months and by my 33rd birthday I had practiced yoga 100 days in a row. I decided to try to practice every day for a year straight. (I did reach 365 days in March of 2021!) Some days I really didn't want to, but I'd get on the mat for five or ten minutes. I used what instructors like Meghan say about "listening to your body" and it really did help. I haven't been to a studio since 2020 and I do miss that. Practicing at home can be hard sometimes because I have a puppy who thinks as soon as I'm on the mat that it's play time. Recently I decided to let go and be less rigid when practicing at home. Again, taking Meghan's advice, if I fall out of a pose, get behind because I'm getting a lick attack or because I need to let him out, I just go right back into wherever she is now. And that's ok because that's my practice.

Meghan's classes are accessible for everyone. She brings so much and you can sort of take what you need. She is light, pleasant, challenging, spiritual and I truly feel that she will be a favourite to anyone who wants to get on the mat!

Kris Smith

The benefits of practicing Yoga is something we hear a lot about these days. I had wanted to try it for awhile and started doing a class at the gym I was attending. Once everything shut down with the pandemic,  I knew it was a practice I wanted to maintain. Joining Meghan’s virtual classes was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I feel very comfortable doing her classes and she is available if I have any questions or concerns.


As a very active person and not one to spend a lot of time stretching, I was starting to experience some chronic pain in my piriformis. I began doing Yin Yoga to get some deep muscle stretching. Since doing Yin, there is less tension in my muscles and I have never felt better!


Practicing yoga makes me feel grounded. It has improved my flexibility and posture.  I feel more relaxed, physically and mentally, after my time on the mat. Also, it has taught me breathing meditation that works to control my thoughts at bedtime.


One of the things I enjoy about Meghan’s class, is her ability to make you feel comfortable. Realizing we are all working at different levels, Meghan will give you options for doing a pose. So whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing yoga for a while, you always feel challenged. I also like that Meghan speaks very soothingly during poses, which keeps my mind from wandering and keeps me present.

Betty Donahue

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